Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yesterday, Nana (sister) gave Ahren a sand castle. Ahren bugged and bugged Michael to come help him put it together. So, we all get together and start putting the sand castle together. It is basically a plastic castle that you put sand into the top. He loved the castle and finished all it in the same night. Anyways, Michael looks over around where I keep Tiggers (dog) water and food. Mason is drinking out of the dogs water bowl. Nothing I could do, but laugh. Michael did not think that was funny, but like I said there was nothing I couldn't do. Then later that night, Michael changes a wet diaper. Mason comes crawling around the corner w/the dirty diaper hanging from his mouth. I ask you..... which is more gross..... the diaper..... or the water....... At least he is getting all his germs. l love my mother, but she sterillized everything.... I did not get all the germs that I needed as a kid! Michael said to add it was a "closed" diaper, still gross.

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  1. LOL, that's so funny. I would say both are pretty gross :) My kids have done stuff like that before. No one is as gross as me when I was a baby... I ate poop out of my diaper.